Corporate Shuttle & Commuter Programs

Hip for Business

We brought commuters a smarter, more comfortable option.
Give your employees the same experience.

Available across North America and other major cities worldwide!

Stress-free, safe, sustainable

Are you or your employees concerned about exposure risks on public transportation? With Hip for Business, you can provide the comfort and safety benefits of driving, with the productivity and sustainability benefits of mass transit, and make the commute enjoyable and getting back to work more stress-free.

Dynamic and goal-oriented service

We provide multiple scenarios based on travel time, vehicle size, service cost any many other parameters. And we can modify your service continuously based on needs. Planning to have different groups of employees coming to the office each day? We can optimize routes each day to account for who’s commuting.

Corporate dashboard and analytics

Track your shuttles in real time for facility arrival and departure planning. Account for employee attendance or get visibility into commuting delays. Hip’s customer dashboard will allow you to keep track of your shuttles in the moment, and view historical insights and data on your service.

Easy budgeting and cost-sharing

Our tools will show you several options, and help you understand the trade-offs between cost and travel time, or employee experience, or we can set a maximum budget and show you what’s possible.

Best of all? Our consumer-app makes it extremely easy to share the cost with workers, and your employees can even use their pre-tax commuter benefits to pay, we accept all major commuter benefits debit cards

COVID-19 resiliency

Easily control who rides what vehicles at what time. Set maximum vehicle capacity limits. Require a consent form before boarding a vehicle. Plan staggered arrival or departure times to reduce bottlenecks. Trace contacts in the event of a sick employee. Hip’s software suite will help you mitigate risk, and make your workplace more resilient as we reopen our economy.

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