Supporting Health & Safety on the Bus

Supporting Employee Health & Safety

Hip helps keep your people safe & healthy through COVID-19 recovery

Guarantee space on vehicles

Easily set vehicle capacity restrictions and guaranteeing additional space for each rider, with Hip's reservation & ticketing technology.

One-click contact tracing

You're reducing infection risk with a Hip program, but it's best to be prepared for the worst case. We give you simple contact tracing to react quickly to a reported exposure.

Hold riders accountable

Manage expectations and requirements of people using your shuttles with our customizable in-app health consent and checklist flow, and other app communication tools.

Cleaner than ever

Use Hip as your shuttle service provider, and get impeccably clean vehicles that get extra attention:

  • Full cleaning & disinfection of the vehicles each night, with EPA-grade disinfectants, including electrostatic spraying

  • Spot cleaning of seats, common areas, and touch points such as handles between each ride.

  • Ability to test drivers on a daily basis.

Safe commute = safe office

Let's talk about your commute needs, and see how we can help you reopen your workplace safely.