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About Hip

  • What is Hip?
    Hip is a tech-first commuting service that runs from the suburbs to the city and back, daily. Hip is a reliable, convenient and comfortable way to commute everyday/

    Using our iPhone or Android app, you can select your pick up and drop off time and locations and book a ticket. You will get accurate ETAs and be able to track your bus in real-time.

    Hip uses premium buses that are spacious, have reclining leather seats and USB charging ports.
  • Who is driving my Hip?
    We take safety very seriously. Hip hand picks every single one of our drivers and train them all to do the best job possible. We only work with experienced drivers covered by the required insurance to ensure our customers are given the best service. All driver partners undergo thorough criminal background checks before driving for Hip.

  • What kind of vehicle can I expect?
    Hip buses are all of superior quality and fitted with premium features like leather seats, USB charging ports and spacious seats.
  • Does Hip accept commuter benefits cards?
    We certainly do – just put in your commuter benefits card information in the "Payment Methods" page of the app, and you're good to go!

Getting Started

  • How do I download the Hip app?
    The Hip app is currently available for iPhone and Android devices. Click the download icons on the top of this page to download the app.
  • How do I create a Hip account?
    To create an account and start commuting with Hip, you will need to download the app.

    After downloading the app, follow the steps and fill in your email address and phone number.

Commuting With Hip

  • How do I book a commute?
    Download our free app (available on iPhone and Android), sign up for Hip, and book a ride in three easy steps:

    Step 1: Go to "New Book", select either a one-way or roundtrip, choose where you're commuting from and to, and press "Set Pickup"

    Step 2: Choose your morning pickup location and press "Set Pickup"

    Step 3: Choose your morning drop off location and press "Set Drop Off"

    Step 4: Choose your morning pickup time and press "Set Pickup Time"

    Step 5: Choose your evening pickup time and press "Set Pickup Time"

    Step 6: Choose your ticket type, select your date/s, and click "Apply"

    Step 7: Review your ticket and press "Confirm"
  • Where do I wait for my Hip?
    After you book your commute, the app will display where to meet the bus.
  • How much does Hip cost?
    Hip pricing varies depending on your location. You can see the cost of your commute before confirming your ticket within the app.
  • What do Hip vehicles look like?
    Every Hip bus has a yellow Hip logo on it.
  • Can I edit an already purchased ticket?
    You can edit a ticket at any point by going to "Commutes", finding the ticket and pressing the pencil icon.
  • What is a 10-pass?
    A 10-pass is valid for ten one-way trips. That means that you buy a pack of 10 rides and can use them all as individual tickets whenever you want.

    10-pass tickets are sold at a discounted rate and never expire.
  • Do 10-pass tickets expire?
    10-pass tickets never expire if you don't use them. Let us explain:

    - A 10-pass ticket will never expire if you don't redeem it (you don't set a pickup spot/time and confirm)

    - A 10-pass ticket will expire if you set a pickup spot/time and confirm the ticket but don't show up for the bus (unless you cancel beforehand). You would lose this ticket like any other ticket to Broadway, a baseball game or a movie.
  • How do cancellations work with a 10-pass?
    You can cancel or edit your ticket anytime before the scheduled arrival time of the bus. If you need to cancel one of your 10-pass tickets, the ticket will be credited back to your 10-pass where you can use it another time.

Hip Policies

  • Can I book a ticket for another person?
    Each commuter must have their own ticket on their own app to present to the driver.
  • Can I talk on the phone or to the passenger next to me?
    We all have friends to catchup with or plans to make. Please be considerate of others and limit phone calls to quick ones.
  • Can I eat in the vehicle?
    Hit the snooze button one too many times and miss breakfast? We all have those days. Feel free to bring small snacks or drinks onto the bus, but please be respectful and clean up after yourself.
  • Can I smoke or use an e-cigarette in the vehicle?
    Smoking of any kind is prohibited on Hip buses.

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